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Bituminous Binder Options

A variety of Bitumen binders are available for use in our asphalt mixes:

70/100 Penetration Grade Bitumen 

Unmodified high viscosity bitumen for low volume roads.
Lead Time: 24 hours

50/70 Penetration Grade Bitumen 

Unmodified low viscosity bitumen for moderate to high volume roads.
Lead Time: 24 hours

SBS Modified Bitumen (A-E2) 

Elastomer modified bitumen providing increased stiffness, reduced temperature sensitivity and improved elastic response. Specialist applications.
Lead Time: 24 hours

EVA Modified Bitumen (A-P1) 

Plastomer modified bitumen providing high resistance to rutting and high resistance to fuel spillages. Specialist applications.
Lead Time: 48 hours

Rubber Crumb Modified Bitumen (A-R1 & A-R2) 

Rubber crumb modified bitumen providing resistance to deformation at high temperatures, crack prevention and temperature stability. Specialist applications.
Lead Time: 72 hours

Hot Mix Asphalt Products

Ultra-thin wearing course (UTWC) 

Max Aggregate Size: 6mm
Typical Bitumen Content: 5.8%
General Application: Thin (12mm thick) sealing layer for township roads, sidewalks and parking areas 
Lead Time: 24 Hours

Pavement Mix 

Max Aggregate Size: 6mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 5.5%
General Application: Sidewalks & pathways 
Lead Time: 24 Hours

KAYAD Fine Wearing Course 

Max Aggregate Size: 9mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 5.5%
General Application: Township roads and driveways. Ideal for cold weather paving 
Lead Time: 24 Hours

Wearing Course (WC)

Max Aggregate Size: 13mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 5.0 – 5.5%
General Application: General purpose wearing course for roads & parking areas to provincial and main roads.  
Lead Time: 24 Hours

Bitumen Treated Base (BTB)  

Max Aggregate Size: 26mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 4.0-4.5%
General Application: Bitumen treated base course 
Lead Time: 24 Hours

Large Aggregate Mixes for Bases (LAMBS) 

Max Aggregate Size: 37mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 4%
General Application: Large aggregate mixes for base course 
Lead Time: 24 Hours

Ultrathin Friction Course 

Max Aggregate Size: 9mm or 13mm 
Typical Bitumen Content: 4.9%
General Application: Open graded wearing course for increased skid resistance and reduced road noise and water spray 
Lead Time: 1 Week

* The above information is supplied for general information purposes only and does not guarantee suitability for a specific application.


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